Julian Jordan

At the 5th of May we visited Bevrijdingsfestival Zeeland in Vlissingen, located in the south of the Netherlands near the Belgium border. The event took place as a celebration of the Freedom which we are luckily living in. Julian Jordan, who needs no introduction, played there alongside amongst others Soundmill & Dubvision We catched up with the Dutch EDM star about an hour before he had the honor to close the Libery Dance Stage.

julian jordan 5 mei

Hi Julian, thanks for the opportunity to interview you, it’s an honor!

You’re welcome! It’s nice to be here in Vlissingen.

Alright to start the interview, what’s your connection to the Freedom Festival? Did you check it out when you were younger?

Good question! Well I can very well remember visiting ‘Bevrijdingsfestival (Freedom Festival) Zwolle’ and being amazed by Ferry Corsten who was playing there. He could be defined as one of the important people who inspired me to start DJ’ing!

Interesting! So how does it feel to be closing here today considering it’s a special edition since it’s 70 years ago since the second world-war ended, this is the main festival and it’s the 25th annual Freedom Festival edition?

Amazing! I mean closing a festival is always really fun to do and being able to do it at the main festival makes it extra special. The fact that it is a special Freedom Festival edition made me very excited to play here.

We can definitely imagine that. So, what does freedom actually mean to you?

Many things actually, freedom of speech is really vital. Freedom gives people many opportunities, both for business & ways to make people happy. I have toured many countries and in some of them the access to social media is denied by the government, that’s really different from the freedom we have in the Netherlands.

Okay, yeah as you say you’ve played many gigs last year. Could you tell us what the highlights were?

Obviously the most special are still the massive festivals. Ultra Miami was amazing but also EDC and Tomorrowland have been a wonderful experience! As for my future plans I would love to close a big festival!

Nice and what about your plans in the near future? Where will the people be able to watch you play?

Soon I’ll be going to Asia for a tour and about a month further I’ll be touring in the USA. People can check out my schedule obviously on my social media pages.

Cool! We expect you will be playing your newest tracks ‘The Takedown’ and ‘Blinded by the light’ tonight but what else can we expect coming up?

That’s very likely yes. I have a new original coming up on Spinnin’ Records which I believe is a very original track so I hope everybody will like it. It has to be planned still though so I can’t say anything about a possible release date. Additionally Martijn (Martin Garrix) is a really good friend and we have started a new collab.

Wow awesome, a follow-up of BFAM! Well you’ve been able to collab with many really great producers already but who would you like to collab with in the future if that were possible?

Well Diplo has a really unique style and likes to combine many genres in his tracks. It would definitely be interesting to collab with him.

Oh yeah we can imagine that! Okay, so thank you very much for this interview & we hope to talk to you again soon! Good luck with closing the festival!

Thanks guys! Enjoy your evening!

Julian Jordan