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As you might have noticed at Festivalling we like to not only highlight DJ’s and producers but we also look into MC’s. One MC that caught our eye some months ago is upcoming MC Sty-lé that likes to host both Hardstyle and EDM events. We arranged to meet up before one of his gigs in Renesse this summer-season. Check it out!

Festivalling shot MC Sty-Le

Alright MC Sty-lé, thanks for joining us before your gig! Could you quickly introduce yourself for our readers?

Sure, my name is Stefan aka MC Sty-lé and I’m 24 years old. I’m working as a stage-builder for festivals and fairs. Next to that I obviously like to host events.

Okay thanks! How did you start out? When did you decide that you wanted to be an MC?

I didn’t start as an MC, when I was 18 years old I became an all-around DJ. As for the MC’ing my big inspiration was MC Villain. The first official gig that I had was during a Newyears evening for about 2000 people. I was supposed to MC for 30 minutes but the organization thought I did so well I could keep on MC’ing for a total of 3 hours!

That’s a nice story! We’re always wondering when meeting an MC what their view about the job is. What is according to you the task of an MC?

Well I think mainly there are 2 tasks. Firstly it’s making sure there are no long silent moments during a set and secondly I think it’s stimulating the drops; meaning hyping the crowd at exactly the right moment.

Alright! You call yourself MC Sty-lé. How did you come up with this name?

Basically there are 2 explanations for that. The first one would be that I didn’t really know what to name myself and I started brainstorming. MC Style didn’t sound really attractive so I decided to divide it in Sty and lé with the accent on the e. You don’t pronounce it as style by the way but it’s [sty-lee]. The second explanation is that style is a very important thing for me. I always want to look stylish/professional on stage.

Okay, we know that you like to host both EDM & Hardstyle events, we assume there’s a difference in how you would be MC’ing for those events. Could you explain the difference?

I think as an MC for Hardstyle your appearance should be very powerful and energetic. Lyrics got quite some force also. As for EDM the lyrics are obviously softer and it’s relatively easier to hype a crowd in my view. Anyway both got their advantages and I like doing both.

We understand! As you’re MC’ing for 3 years now we bet you can still very well remember your first ‘big’ gig. Could you tell something about that?

Sure of course I remember that, very well in fact! It was in a relatively small party-tent in Middelharnis and Frontliner was the main act that night. I was asked to be the host of the whole night but of course I was nervous because Frontliner is such a huge name. I sent him a message on Facebook introducing myself and explaining that I would be hosting him at that event. I suggested that he would check out my MC’ing and decide at the event itself whether he would like me to MC for him. At the event Frontliner came to me just before his set and said that he’d like me to host him. That was an amazing moment for me of course!

Wow we can imagine that! Of course it’s a big honor to host ‘The melody man’! We were wondering who you would love to host if you had the chance? (EDM & Hardstyle)

For EDM I would absolutely love to host Pep & Rash! They’re so energetic and they’re really doing their own thing. I really respect that. It’s a coincidence that they are also from Zeeland but that isn’t the reason I’d love to host them.

For Hardstyle I guess I would love to host DJ Adaro again. I love his drive for the DJ’ing and he is producing great music. His style is really cool to be the MC for in my view.

Nice choices. Besides the gig with Frontliner which one has been the most memorable for you so far?

Definitely Freedom Festival in Vlissingen this year! Performing in front of some thousand people was absolutely amazing!

We can only confirm that as we were present there this year! Alright thanks for this chat & good luck with your upcoming gigs!

No problem, you’re welcome!

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Reporter: Alexander Bouten