After his amazing growth in his music, as well as support and gigs, and of course his amazing performance at Suppression Make Raw not War #2, we decided it was time to  catch up with rising Raw Hardstyle star Unresolved!

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Hi Igor! First of all, thank you for taking the time for this interview, we really appreciate it!

Yo guys!

We would like to give our readers out there the opportunity to get to know the ‘man behind Unresolved’ a bit more, so we’d  like to start off by taking a dive into history and ask you what has made you decide (or inspired you) to dedicate yourself to Hardstyle?

I really don’t know what made me fall in love with Hardstyle music. I think the music path is not something you can choose, but that you need time and that you will find your own type of music which reflects you. But I fell in love in 2011,first with mostly Euphoric Hardstyle by artists like Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Wildstylez, etc. In the late 2012 I felt that I wanted something more energetic and aggressive, which is why I started to listen to some raw tracks and since that moment I have dedicated myself completely to the Raw side of Hardstyle.

And how have you gotten from that moment, to where you’re standing right now?

When I discovered the Raw side of Hardstyle, I thought that I could really contribute something to this scene. That’s why I started to produce my own tracks in December 2012. At first, it was a bit difficult to find my own way and my own style, but I think I did and I can truly say that I’m living a dream!

Could you point out some highlights in your career so far?

The support I got in the last months was outstanding to me! The most important highlights for me would be that my tracks were played by names like: E-force, Warface, Regain, Digital Punk, Luna, Solutio, The Strangerz, X-Pander, Alpha2, The Prophet,Typhoon, B-Front, High Voltage, Deetox and Adaro at huge events like Qapital, Rebirth, Reverze, Loudness, Masters of Hardcore, Freaqshow, etc.! I also played at Loudness for the legendary B2S and I will be performing at Decibel Outdoor Festival this summer, which is just UNBELIEVABLE ! And I hope this is only just the beginning for me!

Ok, out of the past, and into the present! We’ve noticed that since your first big gig at Loudness, your fan base has grown massively and your tracks have been supported by a wide range of artists. This made us wonder… Are there any collabs in the making?

Not yet. Since my gig at Loudness I’ve been very busy with my solo tracks. I’m trying to finish so much stuff for the future, because I want to be prepared for all the gigs I have, and I always want to keep my sets full of promos and new & unreleased stuff! But definitely, when I find some time I will plan some collabs as well, I already have some names in mind, but I can’t tell you anything yet 🙂

Recently, we’ve noticed that you’ve been experimenting with your music and trying out different styles (while still keeping it ‘Unresolved’ of course)  like you did with ’Rawphoric’. Is this something we can expect more of in the future?

Yes! Everybody knows that nowadays everything in the Raw Scene all sound the same, which is why I’m trying to combine different styles in 1 track and trying to be Fresh & keep that ‘Unresolved’ style. For example, I also love to combine some Trap / Dubstep & Rap Lyrics with Rawstyle and I think you can already hear that in my most successful track: ‘’Gangsta’’.

If there’s something we know we can expect, it’s that you have gigs all over Europe, amongst which is Decibel. How does it feel to be part of such a big event?

As I said before, it’s just unbelievable! I’m really living my dream, and I want to say a big THANKS to B2s for this opportunity, and of course my Fan base! Because without them I would be nobody. I never expected something like this and so much exposure just 7 months ago!

Are there any other gigs or big things in the future that you are looking forward to?

I look forward to every gig, because I always want to make a good impression and I want the people to enjoy themselves to the max during my set!

What can we expect from you in the near future music wise? Any new tracks coming up?

Yes! Sure! At the moment I have 5 completed unreleased tracks and 5 others to finish, so expect it RAW!

Thank you very much for your time, we’re looking forward to everything that’s coming for you and we hope to catch up again sometime!

Thanks for the interview and I hope to see all the Raw Soldiers at some of my Gigs! 🙂

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