Spinnin’ Sessions Eindhoven

Spinnin’ Sessions has been all over the place this year with an edition in Miami, Mysteryland-hosting, and an ADE-event. On the 19th of December, it was time for it’s final edition, at least the last one in Europe because there’s still an event coming up in India. Spinnin’ Sessions is characterized by the best House music Spinnin’ Records DJ’s have to offer. The event in Eindhoven consisted of 2 stages also putting Spinnin’ Deep more in the picture. Needless to say we were curious about that!

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We arrived at the venue around 10 pm and when walked inside, it became clear that loads of people thought Spinnin’ Sessions was a great way to start their Christmas Holidays, given the queues were already quite long. The location in Eindhoven, Klokgebouw, is a quite famous building, rather industrial. We had some doubts whether it would really fit the event, but in the end it definitely did. The main-area was obviously bigger than the Spinnin’ Deep area but both were decorated with Spinnin’ logos. The stage in the main-area looked pretty cool; like a painting of lights with the DJs performing in the middle.

Alpharock on main stage and The Voyagers in the Spinnin’ Deep section took care of the warm-up sets.

La Fuente who by the way developed a cool app recently that topped the I-Tunes charts took us on a trip with tropical vibes and tracks like ‘Summertime Sadness’ and the summer hit ‘Selecta’. Visibly many people were a fan of him so that helped creating a cool atmosphere.

One young DJ that we didn’t want to miss spinning at the Spinnin’Deep stage was Curbi! The youngest artist at the event showcased his talent in a stunning set packed with futuristic bouncy drops.

We also made the switch to the Spinnin’Deep area to catch Sam Feldt and we’re happy that we did that since his set was really enjoyable.

We walked back to the mainstage where it got very busy which is not very common when it’s only 12 pm but very understandable because mister Gregor Salto was up next! It had been quite some time ago since we last saw him live but the experienced DJ who in the intro was mentioned to have been in the scene for a decade, played a set with loads of South-American influences that was highly appreciated by the crowd including ‘Para Você’.

We actually enjoyed all intro’s because they gave a nice description of the artist but the intro for Ummet Ozcan topped most others! The energy that was flowing throughout is set was picked up by the crowd from the very start. Filled with tracks like ‘Don’t you worry child’, ‘Stars’ & ‘How deep is your love’ people couldn’t stop jumping & putting their hands in the air.

Jay Hardway was up next & brought an awesome surprise with him! Firebeatz joined him on stage to play their upcoming collab called ‘Home’, definitely a big highlight of the night! We predict that track will be doing very well in the charts & will be picked up by many DJ’s. Jay Hardway released many special tracks in the last years & that was showcased well in his set.

Spinnin Sessions Home

If you say Quintino, you say ‘Epic’! It has been a while since the track came out and were happy it was a part of his set. Obviously he played his collaboration with Yves V called ‘Unbroken’. For us it was a typical Quintino set, with interaction from the crowd and some tribal drums that bring back a tropical summer-feeling.

It was clear that many people had looked forward to Vinai’s performance. Popularity of the Italian duo just keeps growing. An impressive intro took place and off they went! The full throttle big-room energy was exactly what the crowd wante. ‘Lean on’, some jungle sounds, ‘Raveology’ and ‘Techno’ were a part of their set. Vinai felt the energy and decided to treat the front row with a champagne shower!

The last 2 acts, Firebeatz and Tony Junior, weren’t accompanied by the MC Mr. V who by the way had done a great job supporting the artists. Firebeatz played pretty much all their 2015 hits and popular tracks like ‘I can’t feel my face’ and the upcoming ‘Universe Is Ours’

Tony Junior probably knew there was no MC since he decided to do that part also. In our view a DJ should be focusing on the music but most of the crowd didn’t seem to mind & got rid of the last bit of their energy during his set.


The location was something we doubted about but looking back it definitely fitted. Maybe the second room should have been a little bigger because during especially Sam Feldt it was totally packed. We loved it when Jay Hardway & Firebeatz got together on stage to play ‘Home’ and in general we can say the level of the DJ sets has been high as you can expect from a Spinnin’ line-up. Due to the fact this time there were 2 stages and therefore Spinnin’Deep was represented better than usual we liked to have the opportunity to switch stages a bit throughout the night. We recommend the organization to always use 2 stages because the fact both areas were packed proved that it worked. We recommend you to visit Spinnin’Sessions if you have the chance in 2016!

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Reporter: Alexander Bouten