Alexander Popov’s long awaited album ‘Reflected’ out today

Alexander Popov Reflected album [Interplay Records]

The producer’s third LP explores a vast spectrum of melodic electronic music. It’s out now via Interplay Records.


Reflecting events from Alexander Popov’s life as well as the world around him since his last album Intention, which came out five years ago, the 16-track new LP features collaborations with big names including Paul OakenfoldHeatbeatKitoneBrandon Mignaccia and many more. This is melodic electronic dance music, but in a wide variety of shades: from light progressive, at the interface of organic house, to classic uplifting trance with a touch of techno and future rave.

Reflected includes the singles ‘In Your Mind’, a desert gem with an Eastern flavor, massive energy, and signature future rave elements by Ahmed Helmy, and ‘Overtaking’, a euphoric collaboration with producers Chester Young and Whiteout. The album is filled with multiple moods and sentiments, from the cheerful ‘Brighter’ to the melancholic ‘In The Rain’. It’s also not without experiments: final track, ‘The One’, is a collaborative song with Popov’s wife, who wrote and performed the vocals to Alexander’s lyrics. 

“This album is truly special, because it is also a reflection of my internal processes, a reflection of past events, emotions, conclusions, ups and downs, to some extent it is a musical reflection, hence the name – ‘Reflected’” 

Popov has collaborated with the likes of Armin van BuurenDash BerlinCosmic Gate, and played at massive festivals like Global GatheringDreamstateA State Of TranceFIFA Fest and Love Parade to name a few. In 2021 Alexander was listed in 1001tracklists’ Top 100 Producers, and in 2022 was named in DJ Mag’s Top 150 for the fifth time. 

“The album is steeped in a certain tension, mirroring the world events of recent years. Yet, at the same time, it awakens sincere hope for a better future. This is what I always try to bring into the world through my music.”

It’s been a legendary run for this forward-thinking artist, but things just got even better with the release of Reflected

Reflected album tracklist

  1. Alexander Popov & Brandon Mignacca – In The Rain
  2. Alexander Popov & Whiteout – Right Back
  3. Alexander Popov & Kitone – Fantasy
  4. Alexander Popov & Heatbeat – VIVALDI
  5. Alexander Popov & Paul Oakenfold – Love You Back
  6. Alexander Popov & Chester Young & Whiteout – Overtaking
  7. Alexander Popov & Ruslan Radriges & Annie Sollange – The Light
  8. Alexander Popov – Reflected
  9. Alexander Popov & Novan Feat. Brandon Mignacca – Brighter
  10. Alexander Popov – Adagio
  11. Alexander Popov & Ahmed Helmy – In Your Mind
  12. Alexander Popov & Ruslan Radriges – Dynamic
  13. Alexander Popov & Paul Oakenfold – Angel
  14. Alexander Popov & Gid Sedgwick – Now & Then
  15. Alexander Popov & LTN Pres. Ghostbeat – Magic Garden
  16. Alexander Popov & Elena Popova Feat. Julia Violin – The One

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