Blasterjaxx kicks off its Maxximize label with first release ‘Heartbreak’!

Dutch duo kicks off its Maxximize label with first release

Blasterjaxx presents ‘Heartbreak’

After launching their own record label in cooperation with Spinnin’ Records, chart topping duo Blasterjaxx is now proud to announce the first release on Maxximize Records. Produced by the Dutch duo itself, the much anticipated ‘Heartbreak’ is out now!

Blasterjaxx Heart Break

It’s the start of a whole new chapter Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf are kicking off with this record. A journey that started in 2013 with the release of ‘Loud And Proud’, picked up by Tiësto and quickly released on his Musical Freedom imprint. After that, Blasterjaxx became a go-to name for high quality electro productions, leading to key tracks in the mainstage scene, including the Hardwell collab ‘Fifteen’, the widely supported ‘Faith’ and, recently, the DBSTF collab ‘Beautiful World’ and the MOTi collab ‘Ghost In The Machine’.

Meanwhile, the duo started playing festivals all over the world, going from EDC Las Vegas to Tomorrowland. This has resulted in Blasterjaxx getting catapulted into the top of the internationally recognized DJ Top 100, currently residing at #19. Recently, it was announced Idir will not take part in touring anymore, from now on focusing on the Blasterjaxx studio work -a move that will definitely work in the advantage of Blasterjaxx’ musical output.


As things progress, the news Blasterjaxx is launching its own label, aptly named Maxximize, is the logical step in an ever evolving career. For this, the duo has struck an exclusive deal with Spinnin’ Records, known as the world’s biggest independent dance label.

The first release underscores the intentions of Maxximize like no other. Featuring hard hitting synth stabs, invigorating vocals and cool horns, ‘Heartbreak’ is a track taking the Blasterjaxx sound to another level; bigger, bolder and focused on major rave excitement.

In short, Blasterjaxx is making moves, maxximizing its potential and preparing itself for a brand new future.

Blasterjaxx – ‘Heartbreak’ 

Out today on Maxximize Records