Bumble joins forces with The Media Nanny, ID&T and Astralwerks for the launch of ‘Making Moves in Music’!

An exlusive campaign in the Netherlands to get rid of the inequality between men and women in the dance-industry.

Bumble, the women first social connection app with over 40 million users worldwide, has announced during ADE to be teaming up with the biggest and most recognized platforms in the music-industry to encourage women to participate in the dance-industry. The first step is to give female-DJ’s the opportunity to perform at Mysteryland 2019 and/or release a track at Astralwerks.

The music-industry is still very much dominated by men: on average the salary-gap is 46%. In addition to that a research of Pitchfork proved that only 14% of the line-up of major festivals is female. ‘Making Moves in Music’ is meant to raise awareness and to offer women the opportunity to embark on an adventure as a DJ.

“Making your first move in this competitive industry is hard, but definitely rewarding’’ says José Woldring, director and founder of The Media Nanny, one of the most recognized PR agencies in dance-music. “Making Moves in Music is all about making the dance-industry more accessible for upcoming female artists.”’

The campaign is not only an attempt to create awareness regarding the inequality between men and women, there’s also concrete action to restore the balance. Whether you’re a producer or a performer – Bumble wants to hear your music! 

Louise Troen, Vice President of International Marketing & Communications at Bumble explains: ‘’Bumble’s mission is to end the inequality between man and woman by encouraging women to do what they want. This message – together with campaigns that provoke changes – is crucial to battle the inequality between men and women. We’re super excited to work with ID&T and Astralwerks, in that way we can offer this unique opportunity to women from the Netherlands. We know there’s so much talent out there, so we want to find it and support it.’’

Making Moves in Music Partners

ID&T, known for organizing some of the worlds largest electronic music-festivals such as Mysteryland, Sensation and Tomorrowland, will be offering the winner the chance to perform at Mysteryland. On top of that, Astralwerks will be signing the winner to their label and offer creative, marketing and digital support.

ID&T: ‘’For over 25 years we’re one of the leading festival-producers and applaud this initiative and are more than happy to play our part. We’re happy to join forces with recognized partners Bumble, The Media Nanny and Astralwerks and are convinced that real talent will be picked and offered the opportunity to grow, instead of some way to reach a gender-quota.’’

‘’Astralwerks is super excited about the collaboration with Bumble, ID&T and The Media Nanny to find new female DJ’s. Our whole team is eager to find and support new talent and to showcase their vision to the world’’ says Toby Andrews, General Manager of Astralwerks.

Campaign information

Bumble was launched last September in the Netherlands and Making Moves in Music will be the first campaign to run in the home-country of electronic music & the worlds best DJ’s.

The campaign will firstly be focused on the Netherlands, but eventually will spread to Europe in 2019, aiming to stop the inequality between men and women which you can see on today’s mainstages.

Applications for the initiative will come available on December 3rd. More information can be found at www.bumble.com/MMM or you can follow Bumble Netherlands on Instagram: @bumblenetherlands