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Qlimax.. The climax.. the biggest indoor hardstyle event of the year is coming! At the 22nd of November as usual Gelredome, Arnhem is the place to be! Not everything is known yet about this year’s edition but I’ll give you all relevant updates in this news item and tell something about my expectations.

The anthem

The Source Code of Creation is the theme for this year’s Qlimax, which sounds quite mystic to me. At the end of September Q-Dance posted the trailer which definitely looked very promising. I doubted a little bit in the beginning but then it was clear it was Bas Oskam aka Noisecontrollers who made the anthem. It consists of some vibes which he used for his alias Pavelow. In my view Noisecontrollers absolutely deserved the anthem for Qlimax being still extremely succesfull in spreading hard-dance music and his album ‘’All around’’. Check the anthem on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olBwIm-SF1g


Audiofreq vs Technoboy: I’m expecting a classic set here

Headhunterz: This might very well be a showcase of Willem’s new album: Origins. This set would take us back in time to his best hardstyle tracks and might very well include tracks he did together with Wildstylez as Project 1.

Atmozfears: It’s definitely impressive for such a young producer to be playing at Qlimax however for me this doesn’t come entirely as a surprise. He’s had a wonderfull festival season, made great tracks with amongst others Code Black. I would definitely love to see Code Black coming on stage as a surprise here!

Frontliner: What can I say.. the Melody man himself! Frontliner had an exceptionally great year and therefore it’s a nice reward for him to be at Qlimax.

Noisecontrollers: Fun fact – the name of the act is still Noisecontrollers in plural but it’s only 1 guy: Bas Oskam. A great producer who knows what the crowd wants. I’m thrilled for him he got the honor of the anthem

Ran-D: When Ran-D comes on stage you know it’s gonna be raw! Nice kicks always in his tracks. Did a great job this year as well for example with Digital Punk on stage.

Crypsis: Mister raw! Member of Minus Militia who totally blew up this year. Crypsis might be most known for his track ‘’Break down low’’ which was even on Dutch radiostations.

Hardcore ending (1,5 hours):

Endymion: Very talented guys, a combination of raw hardstyle and hardcore, definitely curious for their set!

The Viper: An oldschool legend, I’ve listened to his tracks since 2008 when he did collaborations with Paul Elstak & Mental Theo. Definitely should be a set with recognizable tunes for me.

Partyraiser: It was leaked by a Dutch club on facebook (by accident) that Partyraiser was going to close Qlimax. Partyraiser I’ve never seen live before but he is an absolute master of hardcore that will make sure Qlimax ends very, very hard!

Mind you though that even though this is the current official line-up that doesn’t mean you cannot expect suprises. Q-dance has offered the fans always an extra treat during Qlimax. Personally I hope for B-freqz (B-front b2b Frequencerz) as a special un-announced act.

If there are updates I will let you know!

Sold out

If you read this and think: ‘’OMG I wanna be at Qlimax!!’’, I have to disappoint you because all 27.000 tickets are officially sold out. However you can always check portals if someone sells his/her ticket.


I will be attending Qlimax with a friend and you can expect a review!


Reporter: Alexander Bouten

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